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Lowrance X102C

топливный бак для лодочного мотора sea pro сделать мотор для лодки из бензотриммера захват клева работа на рыболовном судне вакансии без опыта работы владивосток вялозеро мурманская область рыбалка
фото сахалинских рыбаков гаджет удочка катание на ватрушке видео лодочный мотор 15 л.с когда можно рыбачить весной на удочку 2017 электромотор на лодку пвх купить в волгограде
лучшая катушка дайва для фидера покупка эхолота цена самодельный поплавок из пенопласта на карася снасть бомбарда как собрать поэтапно экстра хеви фидер микадо
купить поплавочную удочку флагман дайвер приманка для рыбы хорошее место для рыбалки окуня запрещено ловить на ахтубе оквэд оснастка
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  • NMEA compatible for LowranceNET networking Back-up memory saves customized settings Protective screen cover Sealed and waterproof Full one-year warrant. Download Mailspeed Marine Returns Form How To Return Goods: Customers may return any item within 14 working days for a full refund or exchange providing the goods are in a re-merchantable condition, in the original packaging and with original labels still attached where applicable. All returned packages must include a completed Mailspeed Marine Returns Form. Mailspeed Marine reserve the right to refuse returns or make a partial refund at our discretion if items are not returned and received in an entirely re-merchantable condition.

    Lowrance X102C Fishfinder

    Items returned for an exchange that are correct as per the original order and are not faulty or damaged will incur a replacement carriage charge where applicable. If an item arrives damaged, the customer must report the damage to Mailspeed Marine within 7 working days of receipt of the item. We regret that we may not be able to offer a full refund if the damage is not reported within this time. If an item is faulty, the customer must report the fault to Mailspeed Marine immediately. All goods are subject to the manufacturers guarantee and in some circumstances, it may be more beneficial to deal with and send goods back direct to the manufacturer.

    Руководство по эксплуатации Lowrance electronic X102C

    Голицыно Цены в г. Домодедово Цены в г. Железногорск Цены в г. Зеленоградск Цены в г. Истра Цены в г. Калуга Цены в г. Калязин Цены в г. Ковров Цены в г. Комсомольск Цены в г. Королев Цены в г. Кострома Цены в г. Красноярск Цены в г. Курск Цены в г. Липецк Цены в г. Можайск Цены в г. Москва Цены в г. Муром Цены в г.

    lowrance x102c

    Мценск Цены в г. Нижний Новгород Цены в г. Новый Оскол Цены в г. Обнинск Цены в г. Орел Цены в г. Павловский Посад Цены в г. Garmin Striker 7sv With Transducer. Lowrance HDS-7 Gen3 Fishfinder. Humminbird Helix 5 DI GPS Fishfinder.

    Lowrance HDS-9 Gen3 Fishfinder. To return to the previous page, press EXIT. Ping Speed Control Bar, right, at default setting. To change Ping Speed 1.

    Lowrance X-102C

    The Ping Speed Control Bar appears. With the option highlighted, press ENT to check it turn on and uncheck it turn off. After the option is set, press EXIT to return to the page display. Main Menu, left, with Pop-up Help command highlighted. This information is calculated from an optional water speed sensor. The Wa- ter Distance window can be reset to zero using the Reset Water Dis- tance command. Sensi- tivity can be adjusted, because water conditions vary greatly. A low sensitivity level from zero to 50 percent excludes much of the bottom information, fish signals, and other target information. Once you select a level in manual, the unit will continue to use that exact sensitivity set- ting until you change it or revert to auto mode. To adjust sensitivity in auto mode: Set Keel Offset This unit measures water depth from the face of the transducer. Press EXIT to return to the previous page. The depth indicators now accurately show the water depth from surface to bottom. To change the chart mode color scheme 1. The Overlay Data depth and water temperature are both set to the small text size. Split Zoom Sonar Chart A split chart shows the underwater world from the surface to the bot- tom on the right side of the screen. The left side shows an enlarged ver- sion of the right side. You can adjust the sensitivity in each window. To adjust sensitivity in auto mode 1. The unit asks which you wish to adjust.

    lowrance x102c

    To rearrange the data on this screen: A circular dial shows all returning echoes at a high screen refresh rate. It uses the Colorline feature to distinguish between strong and weak signals. If you turn on your unit before attaching a transducer, it may enter a demo mode. Sonar Features menu with Surface Clarity selected Left, dual- frequency menu; right, single-frequency menu.

    lowrance x102c

    Right, the Transducer Type menu, showing your three options. Transparency Use the transparency menu to adjust the transparency of menu win- dows. Right, same view zoomed 4X. Zoom Pan Your unit has the handy ability to quickly zoom in on any portion of the water column with just the touch of an arrow key.

    lowrance x102c

    The Zoom Pan feature lets you rapidly move the zoomed area up and down to different depths. Sonar Troubleshooting If your unit is not working, or if you need technical help, please use the following troubleshooting section before contacting the factory customer service department.

    lowrance x102c

    It may save you the trouble of returning your unit for repair. It may change the range to limits far greater than the water you are in. With the boat at rest in the water, the first thing you should do is turn all electrical equipment on the boat off. Make sure the engine is also off. Turn your sonar on, then turn off Noise Reject [also known as the ASP feature Advanced Signal Processing ]. We back your investment in quality products with quick, expert service and genuine Lowrance parts. Accessory Ordering Information for all countries To order Lowrance GPS accessories such as computer cables or MMC cards, please contact: Most quality dealers that handle marine electronic equipment or other consumer electronics should be able to assist you with these items. Depth Range - Upper and Lower Limits How this manual can get you out on the water, fast! Welcome to the exciting world of digital sonar! Before you grab your unit and begin installing it, please give us a moment or two to explain how our manual can help you get the best performance from your com- pact, wide-screen, fish finder. First, we want to thank you for buying a Lowrance sonar. Finally, in Section 6, we offer Supplemental Material, including a list of warranty and customer service information. Sonar sounding depth capability: Actual capability depends on transducer con- figuration and installation, bottom composi- tion and water conditions. All sonar units typically read deeper in fresh water than in salt water. The transmitter emits an electrical impulse, which the transducer con- verts into a sound wave and sends into the water. The sound wave strikes an object fish, structure, bottom and bounces back to the transducer, which converts the sound back into an electrical signal. The receiver amplifies this return signal, or echo, and sends it to the display, where an image of the object appears on the scrolling sonar chart. ЭХОЛОТ LOWRANCE XC Новый эхолот Lowrance XC с шикарным цветным TFT дисплеем, размером 12,7 см по диагонали. Благодаря усовершенствованной обработке сигналов Advanced Signal Processing решается весь комплекс задач: Питание, В 10 - 17 Выходная мощность, Вт Магнитный компас - Режим 3D Трехмерное изображение - Возможность подключения беспроводных датчиков - Определение пройденного пути Triplog при подключении датчика скорости и температуры Гарантия: Написать отзыв Cообщение появится после проверки модератором Имя 5 4 3 2 1.

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